Friday, 10 April 2009


From left to right:

*Page 3: Naruto's aspirins finally kill's the Pain (too boring a joke I know, but to defeat pain you still need aspirins) for good (as far as his attack on Konoha lasted), and he's taking out the chakara absorbing sticks before remembering what Pain said to him during combat

*Page 8: Hinata is alive and Sakura revives her and heals her fully. The group learn Naruot wants to go to the tower of Pain alone and Neji feels him reckless because the fight exausted him a lot

*Page 17: After an argument with Nara & Inoichi Naruto finally reaches Pain alone to have a chat.

This chapter should have been named "Destination: Real Pain", instead of naming it on the last couple of panels in the chapter. The name is right on the next chapter is my thought for now