Wednesday, 13 May 2009


46. EDWARD ELRIC: The older brother of two sons of "Huhenheim of Light", Edward doesn't like to be called short, if you do you'll laugh at what he does as anime character in anime, you don't want it to happen to you in reality.

47.GREEN ARROW: "Oliver Queen" is the earlier version of Hawkeye, appeared in the beginning of the silver age of comics

48. SHIN: The ace player for "Oujou White Knights" & the main rival of "Kubayakawa Sena", his plam hands are too strong he can't handle an electric device handed to him without breaking it. You see this man you find him training. He's never knows people through their faces; he recognizes one through body texture & movement. A modest and respecting gentelman ready to help you if you're in need (for a strong man & a fast runner)

49. TWO FACE: Former district attorney "Harvey Dent" is still a complex character with all his simplicity as a guy who makes his desicion by a coin flip.

50. UCHIHA SASUKE: Mostly when he is fighting Naruto. I believed he still has (or had) respect for his friends but he keeps it to himself until he decided to demolish Konoha.

I actually had an inspiration to do this list from various sites I found randomly and ignored later. Now that I'm through with my list I might think to find more or just ignore it, I finished 8/10 entries just today to finish this list. You can still view my unfinished list on VG characters


41. YAGAMI LIGHT: In 'Death Note' series this bright young man finds justice within a note, he starts innocently killing only hard criminals going unpunished with heart-attacks through a little black notebook he found on the floor, the note book is dropped by a Shinigami (Death God) to reach a user. Light's genius mind helped him eliminate the whole F.B.I. team members working on his 'Kira' (killer) case. He also killed the one guy suspecting his truth without being noticed after killing the doubt of him being the killer.

42. Ryuuzaki/L: He uncovered the secret of the 'Kira' case and almost drove light to an edge before Light turned the table against L. I'm a sweet tooth and so is L, but L is too frightnongly a sugar consumer.

43. STEEL: The man within the armor built his body gear with limited resources, and with this he beats Iron-Man in builing an economically worthy body armour. Steel carries a heavy hammer, Tony doesn't carry a heavy thing or bigger than to enter his armor.

44. PICCOLO: If someone in a fighting tournament can recieve a hard blow, withstand it, look at the spectators then laugh hysterically and they get frightened and run from just his laugh can you not like him? That's just cruel.

45. HAWKEYE: I have an affinity for DC's archer "Green Arrow", he's a very skilled archer and he's the Batman with a bow and utility arrows instead of a small utility belt and he wears no cape at all. Hawkeye used to be a villain, he defeated Ironman and what made him enter this list instead of "Green Arrow" is "Chris Giarrusso" the mastermind behind "Mini Marvels"


Some readers (or so many of those who enter the blog and read it) might think I am sexist because no chick is in my list, but they should read my gaming blog before shooting a flaming fiery accusation. Who doesn't really care about video games and want to see a chick here shouldn't worry cause I do have one on top of the list right here right now, so please do not complain on what I write:

36. NATASHA ROMANOV/THE BLACK WIDOW: Her role in "Chuck Dixon" & "Eduard Barreto" series "DareDevil & the Marvel Knights" placed her highly here before number 40. She's so calm and she helped "Cloak & Dagger" giving them a home. An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. has to be highly intelligent and skilled, once her car got stolen and she gave the thief and the ones who bought it an extremely harsh lesson.

37. DEATHSTROKE: Robin's hatred toward him in "Teen Titans" animated series & his role in "Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe" placed him in such a high position

38. KURT WAGNER/NIGHTCRAWLER: He looks sort of like a devil but he's a priest, I don't follow priests teachings though. His skill of teleportation is a dream ability (but we don't want to leave the scent of brimstone/sulfur behind us like he does). In videogames he's a master selectable character, play using him and there shall be no more than joy.

39. SHANG-CHI: Who doesn't like "Martial Arts" specialists? I know myself as a big fan of such skills (though I don't have any of them) I like Shang. One must respect the elders but if they are evil especially if they are your parents you can't ignore their evil deeds to not to betray your blood, Shang-Chi knows this fact by instinct so he followed. He also resembles "Liu Kang" from "Mortal Kombat", boy do I love that game series.

40. SON GOKU: He's funny how he scares people with how much he eats. Since I first watched Dragonball I admired him as a character


31. JOHNNY STORM/THE HUMAN TORCH: With so many Marvel characters in my list one might say I'm biased toward Marvel, but I have to say Marvel Comics are the easiest for me to reach my hands to so go easy on me.

32. VEGETA: The tough guy in Dragonball series who you never see with his eyebrows in normal position. Simply this is my reason. A long while has passed without me having my share of Dragonball, I wonder if he still calls Goku by his original name "Kakaroute"? Goku's brother looks much more like a long haired Vegeta than he resembles Goku, maybe Goku & Vegeta are brothers?

33. DANNY RAND/IRONFIST: I don't know about him enough, but he does have cool abilities and his costume is "giggles": There is absolutely "giggles"nothing funny"giggles" about his costume.

34. NIGHTWING: Former sidekick of Batman, the original Robin before he turns indepindent and starts his own alter ego taught to him be a story heard from Superman

35. BIZZARO: The infamous defunct clone of Superman (I hope he wasn't the source of inspiration for the garbage known as "Clone Saga" in the Spider-Verse). He is funny, just read his origin in and you will have at least one perfectly enough reason to adore him


26. BLACK PANTHER: King T'Challa of Wakanda is a hero who wears the garb of a one of my favorite felines, I loved panthers ever since Bagera from Disney's "Jungle Book". T'Challa is a king one feels the need to respect and an ambassador of Wakanda to other countries. His garb isn't the regular super-people tight's, this actually is the official royal uniform. His combat skills are very impressive, I didn't see him fight "Silver Surfer" but I heard he gave him such a basting he defeated him with ease.27. ICEMAN: Like Spider-Man; I got my introduction to this wonder-dude through the fabulous "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends", his interaction with "Peter Parker" is a great fun and his ability to make such an ice-bridge they even used for Sub-Zero from "Mortal Kombat" is spectacularly great.

28. MOON KNIGHT: "Marc Spectre"; formerly a professional mercenary redeeming his dark side, "Jake Longly" a taxi driver and several other aliases are used by him to cover his tracks. Moon Knight is sort of like Batman for gizmos, money & detective skills but in other territories they are far too different. Every story he guest stars in is easily a masterpiece.

29. THE PUNISHER: "Frank Castle"; he gets insanely out of control at some points but most of the times this ant-hero is what the justice system in so many societies lacks: "STRICTNESS". But I don't encourage any person to be a fool and do as this dude does.

30. IRON MAN: Before I heard the movie is an excellent one I wasn't really interested in any superhero comics aside from Spider-Man to collect his entire series (DeadPool came before I.M, but shellhead is the absolute boost). Hearing good news, reading good reviews, checking how the movie had high ratings convinced me to start reading his comic book series as a collector. The thing I like most about "Iron Man" is his brain ability to create such a small and multifunctional powerful armor, what amazes me even more is to see that he actually over-ruled the tyrant holding him orders and worked on a something aiding his ailed heart condition and help him escape captivity. If it wasn't for him; the Avengers might have had a mobile headquarters or a gathering in S.H.I.E.L.D.