Tuesday, 24 March 2009


No; I'm not talking about the weird DC event I only read one issue of (which actually I liked a lot), my subject is about the fantastic episode of "Spectacular Spider-Man animated":

Venom told Jameson, Leeds & Robbie who Spider-Man really is in the previous episode so this episode started with Peter in the spotlight being questioned about his alter ego, Peter left telling about his famous deal with Spider-Man, Robbie here proved to be his Ultimate counterpart as did "Eddie Brock"

"Ned Leeds" asked many people about their belief of Peter being Spider-Man, "May Parker" & the Connors had the best responses to this question. While Ned was busy with his story Spider-Man was busy fighting Venom, the way he defeated Venom:

Venom wanted to expose Pete then feed him the "Gene Cleanser", but Peter managed to escape and use his enemy's weapon against him to defeat him.

The episode is by far the best of the series, second best is episode 12 of the 1st season. Let's pray Carnage shall not enter as a villain in the show