Thursday, 30 July 2009


All I can tell that this is a gullible issue about a great character, this is easily the poorest 600 anniversary issue, but not too poor.


It should be a pleasure the fact that "Greg Pak" the writer of "World War Hulk" is returning to the title in the next issue, but to be honest; I didn't enjoy "World War Hulk" as much as the ones boosted it to a masterpiece in the Hulk series



Date of Publish: April 2009
Story1: Victory (By "Joe Michael Straczynski"(writer), "Oliver Coipel" & "Marko Djurdjevic" (pencils)):

Loki talks in the beginning about what he (wait a minute, she? A god does sex change?) did to Bor; the father of Odin. Bor is now back alive on Earth, believing his son Odin is dead before he mysteriously vanishes and now coming to Earth like a "Don Quixote" around the windmills (he sees all his surrounding monsters and attack).

"Jane Foster" tells "Dr. Donald Blake" (when did Thor get back to being Doc Blake? He was another person last time I checked) to call their mutual friend and help.

Thor tries to ease up his "Don Quixote" for a grandfather telling him he's among friends (Thor identified him as an unfamiliar Asgardian, but did not know he is his grandfather), but Thor is just another windmill so Bor strikes and a fight ignites

Thor needs to stop Bor but he can't stop him without killing him, so he calls for help from the Avengers. The Avengers arrive as Thor wanted, but he didn't get these guys:
  • He gets these buffons instead; H.A.M.M.E.R. Avengers: Armored suited guy is: Iron Patriot/Norman Osbourn
  • Hawkeye is really: Bullseye
  • Wolverine is: Logan's son (don't know his name)
  • Ms. Marvel: I think she's Moonstone
  • Black Suited Spider-Man: Really McGargan/Venom shift-shaped the symbiote
  • Dunno who the guy in green is
Thor gets help alright, but with it he gets extra burden cause Norman decides Thor needs to be arrested. Thor throws them away for their own sake.

Loki tells King "Balder the Brave" (I'm pretty sure Thor is the only son of Odin, how did Balder become king?) that he (sorry, she) identified the assailant on Earth to be Bor, father of Odin.

They reach Thor by the time he killed Bor, then they told him that was his grandfather

Asgardian rule: "Anyone who kills an Asgardian -mainly from the royal family- is to be banished from Asgard". Thor did not defend himself, instead he admitted he killed a royal Asgardian and said he will come back with talk like thunder and got banished from Asgard.

Loki has a plan for a new Asgard, an Asgard in Latveria.

Story 2 (Written by "Stan Lee", Pencilled by "David Aja"):
Thor is needed everywhere in a fight, so he decides to retire as his human alter ego "Dr. Donald Blake" and have his wife with him (hmmm; seems to me like every superhero in Marvel comics decide to give up being a superhero, Thor is the third one I find with such a decision after Spider-Man & "Iron Man"). As Dr. Blake he performs a successful surgery to a kid who decided to stay hanging because his idol "Thor" would never give up. And "Dr. Blake" decided to stay Thor and not quit.

OK; lets have my/our 20 questions stuff answered
How come Loki is a woman? I'm pretty sure he's a man. Is that a new Loki?

Ms. Loki

And here is the answer by "Chris Giarrusso" in story 3: "Welcome Back Thor"

Why is Balder king of Asgard since none said he is son of Odin?
Thanks again Mr. Giarrusso

There are reprints of older stories from the silver age by "Stan Lee" & "jack Kirby" about Loki & Balder. Then there is the gallery of the 600 issues of Thors solo adventures

In general: 4/5.
This is the weakest 600 annevirsary issue I read from Marvel comics, but the issue still does not fail to be entertaining enough