Sunday, 26 October 2008


Last night I imagened myself as 'Marvel Comics' Editor in Chief, I had this weird idea which surely won't be plausable.

Everything done so far about Spider-Man will stay publishable in markets. TPb's, Essentials and Hardcovers/Softcovers are going to be published with a note describing what I do on him and why.

Hopefully; other titles & characters will be boosted up especially 'Moon Knight', 'Iron Fist' 'Thunderbolts', 'Man-Thing', 'Silver Surfer' & 'Heroes for Hire' mainly to substitute the loss that happened with Spider-Man.

HERE's THE THING: With exclusion to the daily comic strips, everything on Spider-Man will be out of the production, no more comics on any Earth, no more cartoons, no movies, no video games (not even in further Marvel grouping games) or any production on him. Only two of his major villains will remain because they are essential members in the Thunderbolts: 'Norman Osborne' & 'Mac Gargan'. After some time even TPb's and reprints will be halted until the new E.I.C comes and brings the character back.

One of the reason's for this move is the fact there will be no retcon to get Spider-Man married again so readers who complain about the current 'Status Quo' won't be complaining on it for sometime, to be honest I won't give if anyone complain about the lack of Spider-Man in that current time.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Silver Surfer Animated

Last night I saw the 1st episode out of 13, this series was unfortunately canceled afterwords, really loved the episode, Silver Surfer's origin is an epic.

The 1st time I saw Silver Surfers series was in German on KRTL time on the RTL tv, still can't understand German but the show captured me, can't think of any reason why would I enjoy such a show.

The origin animated is much different than the comic origin, read the 1st issue of volume 1 from the 'Silver Surfer' and watch the 1st episode of his cartoon to see what I mean

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


By Roger Stern & Zack Howard.

I don't know who the artist is, but always the artist should be mentioned along with the writer since he/she co-creates the issue. The art didn't say enjoyable, but the story without doubt is.

Meet 'Freddy Sloan', an old friend of the HULK who is gathering informations from people who saw him to write a book about the HULK so people can see the good side of the Hulk since the focus on him is mostly negative. One of those Fred wanted to interview is the Hulk himself, Fred finally reunited with the Hulk but it was a a very short reunion because Hulk had to leave.

The story is 30 pages long but the reading is enjoyable so I finished 20 pages before I know it.

*Writing rate: 10/10
*Art rate: 5/10
*Story rate since I didn't really pay much attention to the art: 9/10


As a new fan of this Marvel character I sure would love those who don't know him to join my club.

Description: An assassin from Weapon-X, was with Wolverine. He got artificial healing factor from Wolverine by that agency but it made him too scarred and has cancer. He is most significant as a loudmouthed wisecracking Mercenary so his nickname is 'The Merc with the Mouth'. The funniest character in comics, but his story is still full of action and drama for those who need it.

Look at some of his funny from volume 1 of his own title.

From issue #04 against the Hulk:
The cover itself is funny

Just read every issue you can put your hands on, excellent read and very much worthy of what you pay for it

Thursday, 16 October 2008


I opened a poll here for you to vote which of the 2 live action Hulk movies you like more:
1. Hulk 2003
2. The Incredible HULK 2008
State your reason(s) here as a comment.

I prefer the new one (Incredible Hulk) because Hulk isn't too bulky with a tiny head and a baby face. Eddie Norton plays a better Bruce Banner. Finally we see a real Hulk Super-Villain in a Hulk movie. Funny moments exist. The pants Bruce is wearing stay as a ripped pant when he turns to Hulk instead of his pants changing magically to the purple pants. Homages to the classic live action Hulk series. Hulk finally says a word in live action when he's Hulk minded not Bruce's mind cracks through the Hulk's. The joke with the purple pants.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I never thought such a day would come, mostly felt the Sentry to be stupid stuff and usually other characters rip-off suck.

I was wrong about the Sentry, or at least until I read "age of the Sentry #1". This title is a rip-off of Superman classic comics with the style of Marvel classic series, my enjoyment of classic comics takes over my enjoyment of current comics so much that I'm so pleased and relaxed to this title I want to collect the entire run of it.

"The age of the Sentry" is a mini series consisted of six issues, don't know where I can find issue 2 so I'll search for it online.

I love the Sentry mostly because he did me the favor of killing Carnage, that dude sucks so hard I wanted to write the story of killing him myself



I only read two issues written by "Warren Ellis" & drawn by "Mike Deodato jr" (the only issues I have of this series) and I loved them, I want to read more of this gorgeous work.

Songbird had love with the son of "Baron Zemo": How revolting, but the rest of the story is good enough to make me want to collect the title; mostly when Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato take the work, real beautiful stuff.

Read the title before you lose the chance, don't waste your time reading Spider-Man and whining about how bad the current status quo is, find yourself other reads like this hunk of a comics and; you can thank me later for it.


I have some requests that are most important to be done by you, in fact they are a "YOU MUST DO THEM":

1. Make two alternate series continuos on "Amazing Spider-Man" from 2 points:
a. What if Spider-Man remained with an identity hidden from the public but known to the government.
b. What if Spider-Man & M.J kicked Mephisto in the Bucket.
These two must remain continuous for their fans

2. Keep Amazing Spider-Girl an ongoing title, this little command is directed to you too "Tom Defalco" & "Ron Frenz"

"Marvel Comics" is my favorite comic book company, the more you perform dumb approaches and insult protestors on it the more readers you lose, so this makes you at least one step moving toward bankruptcy, if this happens DC will buy you and your going to suck since this year DC comics SUCK. Play things right or I'll stop reading your upcoming comics permanently (or at least until DC fix their stories).

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Marvel Knight "Mark Millar" the creator of MKSM and "John Romita jr" one of Uncle Rog's favorite co-upping artists started the current out of any Marvel Universe series "Kick-Ass", according to the informations on wikipedia (for your informations: it isn't written like that or implements to it, I just thought of it this way) people in the title send Kick-Ass some help requests on his myspace web-page, and this web-page really exists so hypothetaclly speaking: You might have the chance to co-write stories for the series. If that's how things are and the my-space page isn't simply advertising for the series register to myspace and subscribe to their web-page (a.k.a ask for a friend request)

I subscribed there but still I have to yet check-up to get the details, as I mentioned previously; it's only a thought that you might help create stories, if what i said here is tru I'll advice you to sieze this oppurtunity. Editing to the post or a new post will come later regarding this issue.

Monday, 6 October 2008


I love Deadpool, the love of this character is fresh to me but he is very very very COOOOOL.

I had a little fun with paint [ Don't have Photoshop :( ] making a mix of our favorite comic wall crawler (the talk is not pointed by any chance toward you Spider-Man haters, neither to you who prefer a Spider-Lady to Spider-Man in general) with the best mercenary to enter comic books (The Merc with the Mouth) Deadpool.


I edited the face of Deadpool to make this picture. As I already said: I used Paint-Brush to make it, this is why it looks weak.