Saturday, 5 September 2009


So this is not a masterpiece, I didn't even break a bit of a smile while working on this one, it is just the occasion that pushes me to it


First of all I'd like to say that I'm a huge "Two Guys, a Girl, & A Pizza Place" fan, I love that series because it is hilarious, and "Ryan Reynolds" is 'THE' star in it.

I'd also like to point that I'm a huge fan of Wolverine, the worlds most famous X-Man, former agent of SHIELD & now an Avenger, I'm a bigger fan of his favorite foe as well, the nutball from Weapon-X project as well as Wolverine, our favorite Deadpool.

The best piece of news I heard about the movie is that it has Deadpool, and "Ryan Reynolds" star as Deadpool, I saw a few episodes of "Two Guys & a Girl" recently before watching the movie and that made my hopes higher for Deadpool in the movie.

The origin of Wolverine had alterations over the comic book origin (I'll explain them later), but that went fine, we know that superhero/comic movies aren't all too biblical about the source material so it went fine.

What I point at in this entry is about Deadpool, the clown of Weapon-X who has the occasional fights with Wolverine and they're meant to be funny, Deadpool wears a Spider-Man ripoff costume and he uses all sorts of weapons (mouth included, this is why he's known as "The Merc With the Mouth")

"Wade Wilson" started a funny short piece of appearance, then we have over an hour of the movie without him until we see him later as something else.

Boo (Oh wait; I can't talk cause my mouth is sealed, bummer dudes)

Cyclopse has an appearance in the movie wearing his "Ruby-Quartz Glass" to stop his lazer from shooting, but it was created by neither "Professor X" (they are yet to meet in the end of the movie?) nor by "Hank Maccoy"/Beast. Sabertooth abducts Cyclopse for Weapon-X from school.

Deadpool has no mouth? No name? He can teleport without the special belt built for him by Weasel? He can release Adamantium-Swords from his arms like Baraka from "Mortal Kombat"? And they copied Cyclopse mutant ability to give it to pool? Not to mention that he is controlled like "The Nemesis" from "Resident Evil Apokalypse" movie???????

I won't rant like I feel I should do as a faithful Deadpool fan so I'll zip-it. If you want to have a DeadPool translated right from the comics you have "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" video games, and you can find him in the excellent animated feature film byLionsgate "Hulk vs Wolverine". Last option I know of is when ItsJustSomeRandomGuy on youtube makes a short featuring Deadpool