Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Yesterday on the way home from college I was thinking why some characters should stay in "King of Fighters" series, one of them I thought he is the Marvel popular superhero of KoF.

Here's the list of similarities I found, the star of this entry is one of them and it is up to you to guess who is the one that gave me the idea for this entry.

Kyo Kusanagi = Spider-Man: Both are two of the most popular in their medium, both of them have clones and both of them has a major fan.

Iori Yagami = Venom/Eddie Brock: The antagonist of hero with equal powers & a parasite within.

K = Wolverine: K's memory was erased from him and he was a forcibly created soldier for the community they work for, or the facility that played with them and put something new within, each struggled to regain his memory and went against the facility experimented on him. K is with "Nest Cartel" & it happened to Logan with "Weapon X"

Asamiya Athena = Jean Grey/The Phoenix: Psychic chicks with great power lurking within. The thing that differs them is that Athena's inner power isn't evil.

Terry Bogard = Captain America: A popular great fighter wearing the colors of the American flag with a star on the shirt of each one of them.

Ryo Sakazaki = Shang Chi: Both have a brotherly like friend from a different continent, both of them were trained in the martial arts by their fathers, but the difference is when Ryo had to fight his father he found his father is a victim, Shang's father is evil this is why he keeps fighting him

Geese Howard = Kingpin: Powerful rich crimelords, great fighters, each of them has a son oppsing him. Rock Howard (unlike Richard Fisk) is good, never turned evil.