Saturday, 26 April 2008



These series are based on the first season of Spider-Man animated series of the 1990's, the first season was as groovy as the series earlier to it and the new Spectacular animated series, the animated series were based on comics and I loved much of it before season 5.

I only read 3 issues of "Spider-Man Adventures" so far and they are really boring, the reason isn't because I hate comics, "I actually love the comics in the mainstream", but these issues are a complete horror.

Look at the following pages and tell me wether you agree with me or not:

From episode1 (Night of The Lizard):

He remembers the experiment while in the Bugle
and all of a sudden his dear aunt May calls him there.

Not exactly what you can call boring, but this stuff stiffed me from boredom I almost slept while reading this, though I hardly read the words.

The first meeting between Peter and the Lizard, they have a weak fight.

Now seriously, Where
is the terrified Eddie Brock who faces the Lizard.

Not the Lizard fighting Spider-Man who got out to save Brock and gets shocked to see the Lizard is real, not my kind of comics.

Sure: You'll defeat your deadly enemy by showing him the image of him and his family. Why is Billy in the sewers?

From Episode 8 (The Alien Costume pt.1):

Rhino outside the shuttle "VICTORY" Peter's Dream is ridiculous

Why is Spider-Man tossing police cars instead of tossing people who are attacking him in self defense? And he didn't wake up hanging upside down.

From Episode 9 (The Alien Costume pt.2):

No pun intended, but where are the security crew?
Spider-Man broke the table in two half's, and left just like that?
Why didn't Dr. Connor's get frightened because a wanted man enters his office?

No screams, no shouts, not a frightened Shocker escaping after an angry Spider-Man removed the very heavy rubble off of himself. No screams from a scary Spider-Man. Eddie didn't push Spider-Man. Not my kind of Spider-Man stories at all.

Now you be the judge. Am I right for hating these comics or what?

Sunday, 20 April 2008


These are all my drawings currently:

#This one is the logo of "THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN" comics back in the late 80's and the early 90's.

I loved drawing this one, this is the pose of Spider-Man after being punched by the Molten-Man after seeing each other in Amazing Spider-Man #132 "The plan of the Molten-Man"


This sketch is drawn based on Spider-Man punching the Hulk in the story titled: "Green Death In The Desert". That story starts with a rehash on the "Amazing Spider-Man #013" when Spider-Man defeats Mysterio, then Norman Osbourn offers him a job in a movie, the remaining parts are based on "Amazing Spider-Man #014" but no enforcers are in that issue

This is when Spider-Man was about to get creamed by the Hulk in that story


This sketch is based on Spider-Man in his chapter opening in the book that talks about Marvel Universe by Peter Sanderson. Spider-Man is the only character who has his own chapter in that book.

The picture is of a copy of the original drawing. This is the only sketch I colored from all the ones I did.

This one is my personal favorite, I had quite a hard time drawing it five year before now but it was worthy of my time and effort, this sketch is based on one of the Romita's drawing that was placed on the cover of the book.
This character is the only colored character on the cover.

Thursday, 3 April 2008




The alien costume that Spider-Man had in a device that he thought is supposed to fix ripped up costumes, the device instead putted a black blob that made his "Spider-Sense" tingle but the suit grew too quickly on him to react. First appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #252, origin and gained in Secret Wars #08 mini series on the Beyonder's planet, Reed Richards wanted to test that new suit of Spider-Man's. In the exact same month Amazing Spider-Man #258 was released, Spider-Man went to Reed Richards and had the suit examined because it made him sleep for too long.

After Reed Richards (a.k.a: Mr. Fantastic)* examinations have ended he revealed to Spider-Man that his new magical suit is actually a living being that is bonding slowly until it takes complete control over him, now that Spider-Man knew that fact he couldn't have taken it off without the help of Reed's sonic blaster that Mr. Fantastic used to direct the living suit to a container powerful enough to seal the beast. A device snook in the FF headquarters and made a whole for the substance to escape.

After the substance escaped it roamed the alleys to head back for its first victim -a man from Indiana who visited the place as a challenge to people who say New York alleys are dangerous- the symbiote blocked his mind while on him using him to reach Peter Parker's apartment because by itself, the alien can't move fast enough. The alien left the man with him not remembering anything after changing alleys and believed how dangerous the place is.

The alien got in Peters closet and disguised itself as a Red & Blue Spider-Man suit. When Pete decided to go out he wanted to take a real suit but the alien jumped to his hand, Spider-Man wore it and found it to be comfortable before he sees its true form in the mirror, the alien tricked the hero to wearing it so he could take control over his original host. A long struggle happened between the alien and Spider-Man until he got rid of it and of a vulturion who was fighting him alone by a church bell, the alien left its hosts body for good.


After his return from the Beyonder's planet he went to his aunt's home and saw a Black Cat which was looking for him, at first cat got confused and didn't trust her boyfriend thinking he was an impostor. Black Cat gained high admiration for the look of Spidey in black that she got upset when he started wearing his classic uniform again, to put Spider-Man in good light's from her point of view she sew the black costume and showed it to the Spectacular Arachnid.

Thinking that the alien was in her hands Spider-Man told her that this is dangerous and she should get rid of it, Cat giggled and called him silly before stating that she loved how he looked in the alien saw she sewed (P.P.T.S.S.P #099) a suit in the same figure the alien took on him. Spier-Man declined at first because of its look, but he wore it in Amazing Spider-Man #263 after his red n' blue got soaked for a long time.

Peter used to switch between suits depending on his mood until he lost his last Rn'B suit in Web of Spider-Man #018, after that time he kept wearing the black suit until he returned to his new home after his first fight with Venom, Peter burnt the suit he was wearing because it reminded M.J. of her fright of Venom, she didn't want to get confused because of it. This might have been the last time Spider-Man wore this suit in comics before exposing his face, becoming a fugitive after turning against Stark and the registration act, and KingPin sending a hit man to shoot Peter but instead shot May Parker. After leaving KingPin in critical condition he started wearing his Rn'B suit again.


Spider-Man wore the alien in the issue titled: What if the Symbiote Has Possesed Spider-Man. In that story Spider-Man gets old too soon because of what the alien did to him by sucking his adrenaline. The suit first jumped to the Hulk and eventually cured him of his Hulkness before jumping on Thor. This facinating story is sketched by master artist "Mark Bagley". This story is worthy to spend time and money on it.

The Black Cloth was on Spider-Man in three issues:
1. What If: Punisher Became VENOM
2. What if: Spider-Man & Mary Jane never got married
3. What if: Kraven Killed Spider-Man


After Peter and MJ broke up, Peter was in the basement of his house in his underwear and discovered some memoreables left to him by his late father, there were many tapes and Peter took one of them. May saw the video with her nephew (he really is May's nephew in the Ultimate, she's the sister of Peter's late mother)
and told him that the people he didn't recognise are the Brocks, Eddie Brock sr. was Richard Parkers partnr before they die in a plane crash and Eddie Brock jr. was Peter's childhood friend. Peter located Brock by the internet and called him, reminding Edward of the good old childhood. Peter had a reunion with Eddie Brock jr. in E.S.U. and handed him a copy of the tape he was watching.

In the university's science building Eddie showed Peter his locker, and viewed to him their common inheretance: "A Protoplasmic Goo that is supposed to Cure Cancer and gives the one wearing it greater strength". Eddie's grandfather kept it because it was belonging to his son (Eddie sr.). The substance was frozen for long and Eddie jr. brought it to the university for Dr. Connors (his genius professor) so they can study it.

The next day Brock took Peter out of school in the car he inerited from his father and Gwen went with them, they went to a mall and Peter asked if his friend thinks that their parents were murdered in the plane crash that killed them (unfortunately I don't recall what happened next). Edward told Peter & Gwen about a concert if they're interested to see, peter passes and in his house he sees a tape that reveals the betrayal of Bullivard Trask to Richard & Edward sr.

An angry Peter heads to E.S.U as Spider-Man, sneaks in and opens the locker of his friend to take a sample of the suit to study it. Unmasked and not wearing his gloves while taking the sample to study, a drop of the suit falls on Peters hand and triggers his Spider-Sense, that drop spreaded quickly on him and covered him in a rock solid crystalised material. Peter broke out of it to see he got in a black suit like his 616 counterpart got on the Beyonders Planet.

The Amazing Spider-Man went to a spin, he felt new strength and power greater than his own. Spider-Man stopped some thugs, people who kindapped a rockstar, Shocker who didn't hurt Spider-Man by his vibro shock powers, and a thug that reminded him of the murederer of his uncle Ben. The figure of the thug triggered aggression and the suit became Venom, Spider-Man almost strangled the culprit to death if he didn't get control on himself.

Peter went to a livewire to get rid of the suit, he unfortunately fell naked, he fell right next to the graves of his family. Brock saw Spider-Man in black on the news and went to check on the suit sample because of his suspiciouns, he found Peter destroying the suit samples and that he is truly Spider-Man. This is why Eddie became Venom using a sample Peter didn't know about (his bro, as Brock calls parker in the new Spctacular series)



After a duel with Rocket Racer, Stiltman and a third villain from the funnies in MASP021 Spider-Man learned they all had their gizmo's from the terrible tinkerer, Spider-Man went there and had a second encounter with the funnies in the tinkerer headquarter that made him fall on a container holding some black technical nanosuit, Peter thought it was made by the Tinkerer.

Wearing that suit for a while was OK, Spider-Man had an encounter with the Sand-Man while wearing that suit in a clothes store. To fight Sand-Man Peter changed in a changing room that was surveillanced and a security guard was going to sell the recording of Spider-Man changing if not for Peter saving him.

In Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 024 Spider-Man was bugging a guy named Eddie Brock. Peter Started feeling weird in his suit that he went to Mr. Fantastic for a check and discovered it was a symbiote that was trying to take over him. Mr. Fantastic took the suit off of Spider-Man and locked it in a container that the Torch opened later to see how it looks on him and flamed on to dicover that the alien hates ______________________________________________________________________


In "The Alien Costume" Peter, Robbie, Jonah and KingPin see John Jameson and the other shuttle pilot in a mission while returning from the moon after the new isotope Colonel.Jameson found there and pulled out caused a disturbance on the moon surface, the Anchorman talked about the initial tests done on the isotope in the shuttle and how they proved the isotope (Promethium-X) can generate heat. Wilson Fisk sent the Rhino to the George Washington Bridge duo to Smythes calculations regarding the direction of the falling shuttle to steal the Promethium.

After the shuttle fell Spider-Man went to save the pilots and got shocked to see the shuttles door ripped off. In the shuttle Spider-Man fought the Rhino who had to leave by order of the KingPin and Spider-Man took the pilots out. Eddie Brock took shots of what happened out of the shuttle and convinced Jonah Jameson that Spider-Man stole something from the shuttle that was announced in the news to be Promethium-X.

Spider-Man took the costume and threw it in the basket with sorrow after seeing the news declaring him being a thief and $1m a reward offered by Jameson to the capture of Spider-Man. Peter slept and the goo that sticked to his suit from the shuttle moved right over him. Peter had a dream of a fight on him between his suit and the goo till the goo won and swallowed him to wake seeing himself upside down clanged to a side of a building in a black suit he never saw before.

Two cops in a chopper went to get him after figuring out who this weirdo on the side of the wall is and the suit started escaping getting Parker startled of how the suit moves and of its powers: Jumping much higher than usual, webbing shooting on its own and how when the people on the ground attacked him the suit moved throwing them until he agreed with the suit and got away. Testing his new strength Peter pulled up a heavy fire engine then hid and let the symbiote form as an officer uniform to trick the cops away from him and decided to keep it.

Went to college happily he turned the alien to a gray suit, Felicia Hardy saw him and git surprised to how Peter changed until she got scared how he held Flash with anger.

After an unpleasant talk with his Aunt May during dinner Peter withdrew to his room suddenly hearing the signal from the spider tracer he implanted on Rhino in the shuttle and had a fight with him in a prison. After getting Rhino defeated and terrified Spider-man left with fright in his heart.

In the next day Spider-Man had a fight with a group of bounty hunters who almost defeated him with the sonic blaster before the suit escapes, Peter got back up and made the group runaway disassembled.

In Jameson's office Spider-Man confront his accusers and tells them about the Rhino angrily, Jameson presses the security button under his desk and Spider-Man holds him to call of the reward but he escapes from the guards who came in to shoot him.

In Curt Connors lab: Dr Connors felt frightened by the entry of a wanted man to his office (he'd never reacted this way in the comics), Spider-Man had to twist Connors arm for help (a figure of speech). Connor revealed that the suit is alive and it wants to take over its host so he advises Spider-Man to get rid of it.

Before getting it off, Spider-Man had two duels with the Shocker then took the Promethium-X and studied it.

Spider-Man went to help Jameson save his son after Jameson announced his desperate need for him after John was kidnapped from the hospital by Shocker. Spider-Man and Smythe swapped John Jameson for the Promethium-X (later revealed by Smythe that its heat power lasts only for days) in an old church, the Jameson's left the building and Shocker started a battle.

Eddie Brock decided to pay Spider-Man a debt (the black Spider-Man made him lose his job, Eddie followed Jameson to the abandoned Church) but was unable to do so because Shocker wants to get him by orders of KingPin, unfortunately for Shocker; he had to escape. Spider-Man almost killed the Shocker until he regained control, the suit pushed Shocker & Spider-Man saved him.

The Bell started ringing, the suit was in pain and because of its bond with Peter; Peter felt the pain of the alien and got rid of it.


1. In "Spider-Man the PS1, Sega DC, PC and N64 game" & "Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro" the alien costume is gained after finishing the game once, or you can go to the specials menu-cheats and add a cheat then press finish and you'll get the suit. The suit has the power of unlimited webbing.
2. G.B.A's "Spider-Man: Mysterios Menace" the suit is one of the power ups you gain in a stage, or you go to password in the main menu and insert a code allowing you to wear the suit, but you can never change suits in that game.
3. "Ultimate Spider-Man" for PS2, N.G.C & X-BOX: You wear the artificial black suit after winning all races, getting every landmark, comic & secret tokens, completing 150 city missions and beating every battle mission.


Harry Osbourn hates Spider-Man: This is how Harry felt about Spider-Man when he was under the effect of drugs and he thought Spider-Man killed his papa (no pun intended) & after the illusion ghost of Norman Osbourn the second (Harold's father) and the ghost of Spider-Man not wearing his mask after Norman Osbourn the third (Harold & Liz son) was around four years old, Harry never really hated Spider-Man. How the heck did Harry hate Spider-Man all of a sudden.

Peter Parker is not married: We all know how that happened, or at least most of us Spider-Man readers.

Spider-Man is wearing mechanical "Web-Shooters": What did they do to his "Organic Web-Shooters"? How did they magically disappeared?

Peter Parker lives in the house of his old aunt: When did he leave his Chelsea apartment?

Harry Osbourn Wears an earing: Since when?

Harry & Liz divorced?: What happened to their marriage?
As a matter of fact: What exactly happened to Liz Allen Osbourn?

No person on Earth knows the relation between Peter & Spider-Man: What happened to Norman Osbourn? Venom? The symbiote? Anyone has an answer?