Monday, 12 October 2009


Why do I prefer superhero comics over Manga & Anime? I'm still an Otaku even more than my entire squad of Otaku pals, but I prefer Marvel & DC comics much more than Manga & Anime, WHY?

I love fiction, but the Anime just have too exaggerated level of fiction, someone jumps up and stay flying 50 feet for a whole hour? Does this make any sense? I love my fiction to have sense

The charm about superhero comics is that it paints real life in a different color, it has real communities (Why I prefer Marvel to DC in general) & real people, but it's just a colorful set with different science & people with superhuman abilities, and they're cool. Sure some people have no super human powers like "Captain America", Bucky, "Moon Knight", "Iron Fist" & "Shang Chi" and they can fight to supreme levels, but at least they're still on ground, not someone can train to lift 7 tons more than the Hulk.

Comics are colorful as well, even the black & white of them look beautiful in print, they don't have super funny effects that look great animated but dull in the grey scaled still image.

Sure superhero comics have weird extreme levels of fiction at times, but it is not the kind that affects the continuity of the character in entitrety and goes really unbelievably ridiculous stories.

My older brother makes fun of superheroes for having ridiculous stories, but do you relise what he considers ccool and it has too stupid a story compared to the ones he insult? Bleach, he loves Bleach, a story of a 15 years old school boy who becomes a spirit god or something and he fights "hollow spirits".

A "Hollow Spirit" is a spirit of a dead person that doesn't go to the "Soul Society" and transforms to a giant long worm like beast that can destroy communities and needs a soul weeper to kill it, but young kids can still kill it with all simplicity. Watch Bleach the anime and I'm ready to hear any responses, or read them since you can't file me a video response here