Sunday, 29 June 2008


You can call my current syndrome for typing my second Amazing Annual thread in a row "Amazing Spider-Man Annual Fever". I've been chasing like quicksilver for these issues and I had a hard time finding them until my recent happiness (THANK GOD). Amazing Spider-Man 21st Annual in precise and the 18th Annual were my main target, because I always wanted to read about the two main marriage events in the main continuity Spider-Man saga. I'll write my review since I haven't had the opportunity to write my fan review for some issues on the internet. "Married Peter" fans; enjoy.

After Amazing Spider-Man #292 (the one which ended with M.J finally accepting Peter Parkers marriage proposal) comes this issue straight.
Spider-Man wears his black suit (since all of his red and blue suits got destroyed before Web of Spider-Man #18) swinging across town during Electro committing a robbery and his gang members pretend to be his hostages, Spidey interferes and dodges the electric bolts and made him wet to win.

After the victory of the day Spider-Man swung to his apartment, changed and M.J brought some of her stuff (too much for Peter's small Chelsea apartment) to their future small condo. In the planning of making space M.J decided to throw Peters costume shop R&B (from Spider-Man vs. Wolverine, the issue witnessing the death of Ned Leeds by the Foreigner men, and later revealed the orders came from the original Hobgoblin ) but Peter refuses.

Peter in his Aunts home in Queens see an open photo album with images of Gwen Stacy, Peter became heartsick about his old love. Peter and M.J later revealed their plan to their aunts and the elder ladies are so pleased about the news (the real Anna Watson in the comics respects Peter, not the old harpy from Spider-Man: tas who always insult Peter Parker) and they congratulate their young ones.

Peter gives Eugen Thompson the news and asks him to be his best man, during the gangs war Eugene was injured by a pumpkin bomb trying to help spidey, the bomb was thrown by Macendale. In that honor Peter, Eugene, and Harry celebrated Peter's bachelor and convinced him to go on with the wedding after Peter said he might reconsider the marriage. At the same time M.J was having her bachelorette party and some of the guys tried to set her of the marriage (especially a guy named Bruce who gave M.J some gifts to persuade her).

Against all the odds, against all the doubts the two sides had and against the well of Bruce; "Peter Benjamin Parker" and "Mary Jane Watson" attended their wedding late, but the marriage took place.

Peter and MaryJane celebrated their honeymoon using a gift from Bruce (who was trying to brainwash M.J) the details of the happy honeymoon are in Spectacular Spider-Man annual #7.
The newly weds returned to their small Chelsea apartment missing the space and luxury they had in France during their honeymoon.

David Michelinie proved his mettle in writing Amazing stories, this is one of the best and most memorable issues in the history of Spider-Man. The art is Amazing as well, but the red&blued inside the story didn't look as great as John Romita sr. draws it, but it looks great.

According to ratings: Solid story, 5 webs