Sunday, 1 June 2008


I intend to do some writing jobs for Marvel comics starting with limited series, going up to the Hulk and IronMan, ending up with Spider-Man.

The road to this dream is hard, everyone has to work hard, and I admit I have to work hard to write right. Why do I have the intentions to write about Spider-Man in exact? There are two major reasons:

1. Spider-Man is my all times favorite comic book character: Seconded by Batman, Hulk, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Beast, Iceman, Daredevil and Johnny Storm the Human Torch.

2. I want to work to fix at least a little of what Marvel has broken: I don't know the possibility of this, but they seriously should let someone get back to write the true Spider-Man, the experienced Spider-Man, not some semi-joker who can't catch a thief right (if he caught one).

In the classic Stan Lee and Steve Ditko version Spider-Man started as a teenager, if a thief escaped it was only because Spider-Man was to busy punching the rest of his gang and trying not separate their heads from their shoulders, he never wasted webbings on yoyo's who didn't get to connect to the other end of the web before Spider-Man shoots too many web lines.

How can Stan Lee accept the way his most succeful creation ends down the drain? I admit I enjoyed the stories of the current idiot, but it hurts to see Spider-Man falls hard from between the hands of his fans.

Sure hope Marvel would read this after they finish reading the millions of letters and thousands of websites insulting this new version and reconsider their intent to keep him this way.