Monday, 24 March 2008



Unlike the Daily-Globe, this journalistic building and the crew working in it has entered significantly the other titles especially in DareDevil comics, the most significant Bugle investigative reporter Ben Urich who discovered the secret identity of the masked vigilante by hearing Katherine Paige yelling his name while he is fighting the Hulk in the streets of New York.

The Daily Bugle used to be a newspaper under the management of a guy who gave J.Jonah Jameson a chance to prove himself as a journalist who is against corruption in the country. The details are explored in Web of SPIDER-MAN #052. Out of that issue in the stories of the first appearances of Namor and the original robotic Human Torch Jonah Jameson appeared as a journalist and disapproved on the super powered beings loose in the street's.

Jameson managed to be rich enough to by the "Daily-Bugle" building, as he grew super humans appeared such as the one he despises the most: "The Spectacular Spider-Man". As the Bugle's editor in chief he used his power to get rid of Spider-Man so he would prevent the city to be victimized by the menacing of a new super powered vigilante since he found out that Spider-Man captured the burglar who captured some guy from Queens (as he thinks of Ben Parker). When Peter knew there was a reward for a clear pictures of the Vulture and Spider-Man he decided to have fun with the one guy who keeps sweeping the ground with Spider-Man's reputation.

Since this is an article dedicated to the Daily Bugle, I should write about this building:

1. The first figure of the building, ever since the first time Jonah worked for it, then owned it,
later was bought by Thomas Firehart (Puma) to pay a dept of honor to Spider-Man and sold
back to Jameson with the amount of one dollar. Later after Norman Osbourn returned to life
he bought the Bugle by force but bombed it later while having a fight with Spider-Man in the
"Final Chapter" arc fourth part. Spider-Man supported the building by being in the position of
the falling beam until he placed it back and supported the building by his webbing.

2. After the reconstruction of the building because it had a highly damaged profile in "The Final Chapter" arc, it looked as previewed above. I got this shot from the first Spider-Man 3d video game.

3. The building had a different construction in the Ultimate universe from the rest.

4. This is the figure of the building used as the "Daily Bugle" in the Spider-Man movie. The same
figure is drawn for the building in Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.