Monday, 19 October 2009


HO HO HO, I GOT ME AN EARLY PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS, AND IT'S OCTOBER. Wait; I don't celebrate Christmas!!! But if I did I would definitely want me a set of the latest "Hulk vs", "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" & "Green Lantern First Flight". Why don't want others? because the rest have no appeal to me, but I already have and enjoyed both "Superman: Doomsday" & "Batman: Gotham Knight"

I saw the one based on the amazing first arc of the latest volume of Batman/Superman comics which is written by "Jeph Loeb" & "Ed McGuiness", the art & characters designs are direct adaptions of "Ed McGuinees" art. Here is my opinion for my first watch (it could change in later viewings) I warn you if you did not watch the film or read the comic arc it is based on, there are SPOILERS in the review:

It starts with a prologue on an "Economy Crisis" that led to "Lex Luthor" becoming "President of the United States of America", save economy and enlist superheroes to work as soldiers for him (seeing the superheroes registration is not started by "Marvel Comics", but those guys in the company of the red & white logo had a much better use for superhuman registration. Not the point to be talked about here anyway)

The movie is so short an adaption, it dropped the inner monologue (pointless out of comic form to be honest), the anger of Bruce from Clark knowing an info he didn't tell and Oracle digged from "STAR LABS" in less than five minutes, and the fight with Superman/Kal-El from a distant future wanting to kill his present self to avoid a mistake that killed "Ma & Pa Kent", Lois & Jimmy and the Kryptonite shard sending future supes back to his time.

I didn't read the whole arc in comics form, so I don't know all the details preventing me the ability to describe truly how superior I feel the comic version of the story is to its animated counterpart, the last I read is the battle between "DC Comics" 2 Mega Stars with Hawkman & "Captain Marvel" which was too short in the animated adaption.

I won't spoil the story much more to those who did not read the comics or are yet to watch this film.

In General: I have to admit that DC has much better animated features than the ones Marvel did, DC made even much better animated series especially the supreme "Batman Animated Series of the 1990s". This film is based on what I consider one of the most superior Batman/Superman stories ever, not so supreme in animation. 4/5 Yellow Suns (a sun is a star, since Superman came first I rate as if I read a main Superman story)