Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Yesterday on the way home from college I was thinking why some characters should stay in "King of Fighters" series, one of them I thought he is the Marvel popular superhero of KoF.

Here's the list of similarities I found, the star of this entry is one of them and it is up to you to guess who is the one that gave me the idea for this entry.

Kyo Kusanagi = Spider-Man: Both are two of the most popular in their medium, both of them have clones and both of them has a major fan.

Iori Yagami = Venom/Eddie Brock: The antagonist of hero with equal powers & a parasite within.

K = Wolverine: K's memory was erased from him and he was a forcibly created soldier for the community they work for, or the facility that played with them and put something new within, each struggled to regain his memory and went against the facility experimented on him. K is with "Nest Cartel" & it happened to Logan with "Weapon X"

Asamiya Athena = Jean Grey/The Phoenix: Psychic chicks with great power lurking within. The thing that differs them is that Athena's inner power isn't evil.

Terry Bogard = Captain America: A popular great fighter wearing the colors of the American flag with a star on the shirt of each one of them.

Ryo Sakazaki = Shang Chi: Both have a brotherly like friend from a different continent, both of them were trained in the martial arts by their fathers, but the difference is when Ryo had to fight his father he found his father is a victim, Shang's father is evil this is why he keeps fighting him

Geese Howard = Kingpin: Powerful rich crimelords, great fighters, each of them has a son oppsing him. Rock Howard (unlike Richard Fisk) is good, never turned evil.

Monday, 23 February 2009


Spec v1 #211 X ASG #28

As long as you get the drift, there is no need for me to talk


Yesterday I reread the two comedy issues of Amazing Spider-Man written by "Peter Allen David": #266 & #267. You see; they came out consecutive.

*The issue on the left is Amazing #266, a masterpiece drawn by the magnifecient "Sal Buscema". The art might have affected my judgment on it, but I'm a fan of our pal Sal that I really liked his stories in the series "What If...?" which I didn't like very much, so please bear with my review. If anyone has any steam you can release it as a commentrary.

[Issue Summary] The story starts with "The Toad" from Magneto's "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" trying to commit suicide, one of the spectators urges Morty to hurry up in jumpingbut spidey catches him and manages to put a smile on the face of Toad instead of him staying in the frown. This happened before the break-up between spidey & the cat. (This issue was releeased with Spectacular #104, Pete broke with Felecia in Spectacular #100.)

Weeks later spidey catches two magazine-shop burglars wearing his black duds and had unwanted help by the toad, "The Toad" took Spidey's offer weeks before to be his friend and announce he's to be his partner, live on T.V "Eugen Coliostro"/"Fabulous FrogMan" saw the news and got angry.

Toad sat a trap for the next day for Spidey on an appointment spidey promised Mortimer to meet him. Eugene found out and went in the next morning to warn the web-head (I want to see more of Frog-Man) and the Toad got in. Toad & "FrogMan" fought each other leaving the punks to Spider-Man to handle.

An unexpected member of the irregular cast joined to prove himself the better spidey assitant and the story ended with them being a team. [Issue Summary]

The issue stayed funny, I laughed hard and I treasure this issue very much, well done "Peter David", well done pal "Sal Buscema". The story has no weaknes I.M.H.O and I advise ones who don't read comics to take it. The summary is not funny because:
1. I didn't write the jokes
2. It is best to read the story itself and look at the magnificent art of the master

5 webs ( has a great way to rate web-wonder stories)*

*On the right is issue #267, like the previous issue I read it once again yesterday, like the previous issue I laughed when I read it the first time, but unlike the previous issue I didn't laugh at all on the second read of this story.

[Issue Summary] "Black Suited Spidey" thinks about his troubles and gets suddenly startled by the Torch, the duo hang around town for a while, the end of their tag-along is with the Torch inviting Spidey to lunch at the B.Building at one day might he come.

The Torch leaves and Spider-Man notices a burglar holding a lighter-gun, to escape Spider-Man the burglar held a Manniquin with the lighter pointed on its head then dropped it and escaped to the subway, ticked Spidey chased after the burglar and had to throw a tracer on him to keep track with him. Spidey got caught by the metro-station security but he took his leave.

The next day Spidey wore his original "Red 'n Blue" duds and started searching for the burglar half a day with no use, but he remembered the way he used to track down his Spider-Tracers in the early days to find the signal of his spider-tracer coming from the suburbia.

In the suburbia; Spidey met plenty of trouble to find the burglar and a couple of friendly faces giving him a ride. By the house of the burglar spidey was standing when the burglar left in his Volvo, there was a chase until Spidey caught him and decided to return to the city where he can be more relaxed. [Issue Summary]

Didn't break a laugh ont at all, but the story is still worth it. The artist is "Bob McLeod", I'm not a fan of his art but it isn't bad, the sketcheing of Bob is actually sleek and I can't blame him for not laughing again

4 webs (Still memorable)

Friday, 13 February 2009


I am unfortunate to inform you here that writer "Tom Defalco" might make an unfortunate move, to learn more about the possibility of him leaving "Marvel Comics" you may go ahead here, read and shed some tears

Sunday, 8 February 2009


I'm talking about the 1982 animated show they started airing with "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends" season 2, not the 90s nor the 60's animated versions. Not the comics collection nor do I mean "Live Action"

Proud with having the DVD's I watched the whole series of one of my favorite superheroes, the show is one of my dearly favorites I hold dear with all my heart. The Hulk out scenes, the commentrary by Stan Lee, and the villains Hulk fight's starting with the "Deadly Doctor Octopus", they didn't make fun of Ock, he might've win if Hulk didn't forgive Rick for tricking him.

Monday, 2 February 2009


I was looking at my back issues of Spider-Man, red Spectacular Spider-Man 41 with the Looter which isn't really good, but other writings by the writer of that issue "Tom Defalco".

Amazing Spider-Man 252-282 have some of the best writings ever, all by the improved Tom Defalco, he made me enjoy reading Thunderstrike, I'm not a fan of Thunderstrike, not a hater of the character too. Enjoyed what I read of his series of Spider-Girl and I even give 4 out 5 for the two parts he wrote about a character I despise with all my heart of the worst story ever, his two parts of "Maximum Carnage".

A great writer is a writer who can make you love reading on characters you hate without complaining at all.

"Maximum Carnage" is co-written by two writers created some of my favorite stories:
1. Kraven Last Hunt
2. Spider-Man gets married (retconned? yes, but the marriage issue still happened despite the fact it's undone)
3. The Big Question
4. Without Great Powers
But the parts they wrote; I can't put different words in my speech besides I couldn't read after the first three pages of each part of "Maximum Carnage"

So a peace of advice, search for "Tom Defalco" scripting and read it