Thursday, 3 July 2008


Ironman of the year 2020 is "Arno Stark", man of the year for the year 2015 (don't ask). For the Records: "Arno did not inherit Stark Enterprises, he bought the company".

I read Al Sjoerdsma review of this annual and saw that he rated it 2.5 webs, after just reading the review I thought "Big Al" for being generous, after reading the issue myself (wanted to see really how lame it is in reality) I think if I rated the issue as he did I'll be underrestimating the Annual if I credited it with just 3, it deserves 4.5 webs. I'm not one of "" staff but I've been a fan of it for 5 years and intended to write for it. Back to the subject.

Our man of the year for the year 2015 must save his enterprises and his surrounding (for some many miles radius) after a dead terrorist bomb is set to elapse and the only way to stop it from exploding is to go 30 years in the past to take the print the eye iris of the terrorist when he was a child, while past time counts present time was counting as well.

In the present (in the era of this issue) there's this loser for a villain (Blizard) who got stopped by Spider-Man and Blizards costume gets confisticated by the police.

The terrorist Arno must catch the print of his eye imprint is one of the children stockholders of "the Daily Bugle" (sometimes Jameson is the only owner and others he has partners for the position of the Bugle).

Peter gets sent by Jameson to do a job out of the states, Peter accepts because he needs the money to pay for his rent.

Peter did a very very gutsy or crazy move to make sure his landlady won't hold him for the late rent he ows her, after Peter got away from his apartment he met that kid again.

On the way to the Airport Spider-Man (did you guess Peters move to get past his landlady) Peter dropped the kid at the "Daily Bugle", the kid got kidnapped by Blizard who got quickly bailed out of prison and wanted revenge on Spider-Man.

Arno found his target and when he was about to taake what he wants Spider-Man became too much of an annoyance, Arno couldn't do what he came for originally, the kid got hospitalized and Spider-Man got something he desrves greatly; he missed his flight.

Back in his time: Arno witnesses he is too late and he got really upset about it, his place and a big area of its surrounding have been destroyed by the bomb.

As I mentioned earlier: 4.5 webs Great entertainment