Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I never thought such a day would come, mostly felt the Sentry to be stupid stuff and usually other characters rip-off suck.

I was wrong about the Sentry, or at least until I read "age of the Sentry #1". This title is a rip-off of Superman classic comics with the style of Marvel classic series, my enjoyment of classic comics takes over my enjoyment of current comics so much that I'm so pleased and relaxed to this title I want to collect the entire run of it.

"The age of the Sentry" is a mini series consisted of six issues, don't know where I can find issue 2 so I'll search for it online.

I love the Sentry mostly because he did me the favor of killing Carnage, that dude sucks so hard I wanted to write the story of killing him myself



I only read two issues written by "Warren Ellis" & drawn by "Mike Deodato jr" (the only issues I have of this series) and I loved them, I want to read more of this gorgeous work.

Songbird had love with the son of "Baron Zemo": How revolting, but the rest of the story is good enough to make me want to collect the title; mostly when Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato take the work, real beautiful stuff.

Read the title before you lose the chance, don't waste your time reading Spider-Man and whining about how bad the current status quo is, find yourself other reads like this hunk of a comics and; you can thank me later for it.


I have some requests that are most important to be done by you, in fact they are a "YOU MUST DO THEM":

1. Make two alternate series continuos on "Amazing Spider-Man" from 2 points:
a. What if Spider-Man remained with an identity hidden from the public but known to the government.
b. What if Spider-Man & M.J kicked Mephisto in the Bucket.
These two must remain continuous for their fans

2. Keep Amazing Spider-Girl an ongoing title, this little command is directed to you too "Tom Defalco" & "Ron Frenz"

"Marvel Comics" is my favorite comic book company, the more you perform dumb approaches and insult protestors on it the more readers you lose, so this makes you at least one step moving toward bankruptcy, if this happens DC will buy you and your going to suck since this year DC comics SUCK. Play things right or I'll stop reading your upcoming comics permanently (or at least until DC fix their stories).