Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Most of us Spider-Man comic readers identify with the scene from "If This May Be By Destiny: The Final Chapter"
from "Amazing Spider-Man #033", the story is a 3 parter published from ASM #031-#033 back in the sixties.
This can be put as one of the most iconic moments in superhero comics history, how "Peter Parker" was under a heavy load but he had enough motivation to inspire him to carry the weight off of him.
This is a scene that got repeated in many more comics, where the hero has a heavy load on him and he has enough motivation to carry it off for the sake of saving loved ones, "Denny O'Neil" used it once in his "Iron Man" run before letting Tony a serious drunk after a while of non-drinking, this also happened by J.M.S in his "Doctor Octopus" story where Spider-Man was burried under a very heavy destroyed building during a fight between, Ock, "Luke Carlyle" & Spdier-Man when he entered
Most people recognize this scene for being adopted for the first time out of comics in "Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series" episode "Shear Strength", where Spidey needs to save Gwen from Ock's hideout. I believe it actually got first adapted in the first Spdier-Man movie during the last fight between Spidey & GG: Spider-Man was injured heavily, and a glider with piercing blades directed at him by someone with his amount of strength in peak condition, it was the motivation Spider-Man had to save his loved ones from that psycho that helped him lift the glider away, he had a huge motivation.
At least that is my opinion, the subject is open for debate(s)