Thursday, 6 March 2008


The newest Spider-Man animated TV series supervised by Greg Weisman; an authentic writer of "The Batman" animated series, because he is a genius the new show is expected to hit the highest rate ever in Spider-Man animated TV business.

The show having rumors for exclusively using Jean DeWolff and Peter Davids character from the 4 parters story published in Spectacular Spider-Man from issue #107-#110; Stan Carter the Sin Eater (Formerly a shield agent, later a police detective in the same division where Jean works as a captain of police). Also all the main comic villains used in all 1st four shows (Doc Ock, Electro, Lizard, Vulture) are expected to be shown here in new and daring different designs (the Vulture design is based on the first four issues figure in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man).

Spider-Man also is supposedly punches in this show, unlike the versions of the animated series and the eighties animated series

Watch CW channel for the first two episodes of the show featuring Vulture (episode 1) and Electro (episode 2) in both electrically active and inactive forms. Starting this Saturday March 8th 2008.


In the shattering events of "One More Day" story arc which is written by Joe Michael Sraczynsky and illustrated by editor in chief Joe Quesada Spider-Man felt guilt toward his aunt May injury after being shot by a sniper hired by Wilson Fisk "The KingPin" that he felt was supposed to be in his body. Spider-Man looks for a way to revive and heal his aunt and Mephisto comes to give him what he wanted in exchange of his marriage to Mary Jane, at first Spider-Man told Mephisto to shove his offer but MJ intervened and accepted the offer believing her love with Peter is unbreakable completely. Spider-Man wakes up from bed in his old home with his aunt, not married and his webbing returned artificial. The last part of that arc ended with Peter and his friends (MJ left Harry's welcoming back party before the toast) having a toast for a "Brand New Day".

Starting from Amazing Spider-Man #546 a 12 issue story arc titled "Brand new day" with three issues a month, each month has a different duo of writer and artist starting with Dan Slott and Steve McNiven. We now entered the third month of this story arc and all Spidey comic fans are wondering: What will happen next?