Friday, 11 September 2009


"Captain America"is famous as a "World War II" comic superhero who got frozen in deep sea and his best friend dies, or at least Bucky appeared to be dead. After being defrosted by the Avengers in "Avengers #004" he had solo adventures of his in "Tales of Suspense" starting in issue #59 after his fight with "Iron Man" in the previous issue, from that issue until issue#99, the last issue published under that title it had a monthly features of both "Iron Man" & "Captain America". "Captain America" tales were told by "The Fantastic Two": "Stan (The Man) Lee" & "Jack (The King) Kirby", "jack Kirby co-created "Captain America" along with "Joe Simon back in 1939 A.D.

Enough with this briefing of Cap's history frantic ones, let's jump to the review of the feature at hand

In "Tales of Suspense #062" our favorite duo made Cap demonstrate his skills of combat to a prison warden and the prison guards, some of the guards dressed as prisoners and held rods with blank shots shooting "Captain America", the reason for this demonstration was shown for the inmates of "Cell Block 10"; a block that holds the most dangerous criminals

It was revealed that the guards are truly inmates in disguise, the guns had real ammo and the false Warden took the place of the real one who is imprisoned in one of the cells, the only locked cell.
The reason "Captain America" was truly summoned is to trick him to be caged and they take his shield with its magnetic powered carrier to open this electric gate and help them escape

The magnetic power-ups were taken off of the shield because the disturb the balance. When the false warden was talking to the inmates he said the gates password, they were standing at the gate and it did not open.
Come to think of it this way: If they were not able to open the gate; how did they let "Captain America" in