Saturday, 22 March 2008


Recieved an ad for a scientist expert of animal mutations to be pulished, J.Jonah Jameson threw the ad in the trash thinking it's not something worthy of publisising. After throwing the advertise Jonah was thinking of a way to rid the world of the menace in his eyes called Spider-Man he suddenly had the idea to take a raincheck on that scientist.
A private investigator named Mc Gargan was hired by Jameson in issue 019 to see how Peter manages to get exclusive clear shots of the wall crawling menace. In issue 020 he entered Jamesons office to inform him that he couldn't have found any way to reason Peter's shots of Spider-Man. Jameson was pleased at the sight of Gargan to take him to professor Farley Stilwill for the mutation to make Gargan a powerful enemy that can destroy the menace of Spider-Man, for the proper operation Jameson paid each of the two 10,000.
The process was a success, Gargan grew bigger muscles and wore the suit Stilwill built for him to battle Spider-Man. So Jameson took his new hero to a side to tackle Spider-Man while Jameson is in his office tricking Spidey to be tackled by Scorpion, Spider-Man is too wise for Jameson so he left his office quickly to be tackled and defeated by the Scorpion who became a menace because he has strengthened farther. Spider-Man tackled him twice more and won in Jamesons office when Scorpion wanted to kill his creator. Spider-Man got Injured badly and Jameson credited himself for the defeat of Scorpion and thought to himself that Spider-Man is now far more dangerous than he had anticipated originally.

Inspired by Jonah Jameson's editorials against Spider-Man; Spencer Smythe built a robot that
can track the spider abilities in Spider-Man, to prove the well functioning of his spider-seeker Peter held the jar of spider under command of Jameson because Pete wanted to have a laugh on Jonah. The tin foils instead of wrapping the spider jar wrapped Peter because he has stronger spider vibes than the little spider. Spider-Man ruined that Spider-Slayer and Jameson told Smythe to get away from him.
This little event led Spencer to make more spider-slayers, then he later became a criminal who kidnapped John Jameson from the health facility he was kept in to get cured from a sickness that happened to him because of the moonstone to use the Man-Wolf against Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. Jameson not knowing that Smythe kidnapped his son went to him to build a new spider slayer that managed to capture Spider-Man and attach a bomb to both their wrists that would blow in 24 hours, Spencer died before the end of the period because he was poisoned because of building so many Spider-Slayers in so many years.
This led to many years later the approach of Aliaster Smythe to step in his father shoes in building Spider-Slayers starting from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19. One of his Spider-Slayers was himself in a robotic exoskeleton.

Professor Harlan Stilwill, the late brother of the late professor Farley Stilwill had J.Jonah
Jameson paying him to build another biological weapon to be more powerful than Spider-Man. When Harlan needed a man to be the project an escaped convict ran in the lab and forced them to have the powers. He had the powers successfully, killed Harlan and took Jonah as his hostage. Once more Spider-Man went to save Jameson from a new menace made (thanks to the fearless publisher) but he failed. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents got the fly.
"The Human Fly" kept being a reoccurring menace until he died by a shot by a gangster in Amazing Spider-Man 278 when Spider-Man was chasing the mysterious Hob-Goblin.

In Amazing Spider-Man #159 Jonah Jameson went to E.S.U.'s robotic labs to meet Dr. Marla Madison who went to work in E.S.U because of the lack of challenges she can find. Jonah offered her the chance to take the challenge of building a Spider-Slayer that can capture Spider-Man. She completed the devise and Jameson put it to a test drive before releasing it against his so long despised enemy; Spider-Man.
Spider-Man managed to disable it as he did to all the other Spider-Slayers before it. The public learned Jonah's responsibility in this mess and he was exposed in his rival News Paper: "The Daily Globe"

The most ironic thing is that with all the menacing Jonah Jameson is responsible for he still calls Spider-Man a menace. Go figure.