Tuesday, 17 March 2009


These sci-fi forums has a subject about top 50 comic book heroes for the individual writing them, one of the heroes he enlisted is "James Maxwell Howlett" alias Logan alias Wolverine, he stated that the claws aren't originally his but they actually were laced in him by "Weapon X" the
Candian mutant making agency. Let us take a deep look in the history of Wolverine's powers.

As a youth, Logan first sheathed his bone claws against his childhood friend who is a mutant as well as him, his former friend and deadly nemesis "Crusher Creed" alias "the sabertooth". Sabertooth turned against his friend for a reason mistified to me, I mustread "Wolverine Origins comics" to figure the idea.

After Logan renamed himself and masked his crush identity as his cousin and became minors; Logan started feeling his hyper smell and his animal instincts running in him, Logan started running free in the forest.

Wolverine also has a healing factor that speeding his healing process which helped him endure the physical pain he felt a lot of times, like the time he had the adamantium laced to his bones for the first time, in fights with the likes of the Hulk & the Windego & Magneto removing the adamantium laced to his bones as in this redrawn state from the original art by Batman/X-Men celebrated artist "Jim Lee".

Somehow; the adamantium held back Loagan's wild animal instincts to be fully released, Wolverine's friend "Kurt Wagner" alias Nightcrawler helped supressing the beast within the hero. Later on; a new layer of Adamantium was laced to his bones.

A most notable thing about Wolverine is that he's over a 100 years old, during this time he served in the army during WWII & befirended "Steve Rogers" alias "Captain America", he as well worked in S.H.I.E.L.D. and befriended "Nick Fury" other agents among them a nice couple called "Richard & Mary Fitzpatrick Parker"


The soundtrack is called "Lady Fascination" a GGI OST


From Amazing Spider-Man #308 page 14 panel 2.
Now why did Todd draw the graves of his most popular predecessors? "Mystefied Aziz"