Saturday, 23 May 2009


In Marvel they say nothing is retconned (or at least not much), but I'm back reading issues prior to O.M.Crap and here are my statments:

1. After Eugene/Flash Thompson woke from his long coma he hated the guts of "Puny Parker" once again, but they made him friends once again in the end of O.M.D

2. The bullet hole in May Parker's body

3. The powers of the other

4. The Organic Web-Shooters

5. Harry's death: In P.J's arc "Death in the Family" Harry was still in the grave, by that time his body is supposed to be eating by earthworms, but Quesada & group decided he should come alive again

6. Spider-Man transforming to a giant pregnant spider: This I'm sure they retconned since he uses his classic mechanical web-shooters

Sigh; I didn't talk about his identity or the marriage cause they say only these got retrconned. Hey Quesada; who do you think reads your comics to have this trick played on them? Infants?


Today I give thyself the privilege of answering questions concerning his majesty "King Deadpool" as much as I can.

Q1. What is his real name?
A1. Jack, his last & middle names are unrevealed

Q2. I'm pretty sure his name is "Wade Wilson", why do some call him Jack like in the "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" website?
A2. Before he gets scarred & when he had hair & a mustache; his majesty was heavily injured and got healed & hosted by a nice couple of a man named "Wade Wilson", the real Wade & his adorable wife.

Q3. Why did he use his current name?
A3. He felt a lust for Wade's wife, he burned the house of the nice couple, killed the lady & left Mr. Wilson to be heavily injured

Q4. What happened to Wade?
A4. (Not the paper) He trained on black magic & mercenary works & became T-Ray, Deadpool's most hated foe

Q5. Why the heck does T-Ray put a plaster on his nose?
A5. Ask him, don't bother me

Q6. If Deadpool had a match against Spider-Man who is to win?
A6. I think they had, Deadpool is insane; he shall win in the area of jokes & insanity

Q7. Why didn't "Tom Cruise" play his role? Wade was once cursed to look like him & "Ryan Reynolds" gets the role?
A7. "Ryan Reynolds" plays funny, "Tom Cruise" is plain boring

A8. Before you read about "Deadpool Incorporated" go read V#1 ish#37 of his majestic series to get the proper answer, to see his Royal Asgardian blood. Just look at him anyway, doesn't he look majestic enough to please your sore eyes?

Q9. V.1? What about the couple of series before this continuation?
A9. (this without doubt; is a tiny scrap of paper smaller than your pocket notebook) I never call a mini series a volume, it simply is no more than a short title to pocket in some extra cash and to make you wait a little less for newer stories

*Note: I (MAY, June, Juulyyyy) attach some royal images of his majesty soon enough, just be patient for as long as you can (I might die before posting the images, don't look up way too high)

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