Monday, 10 May 2010


After "John Favarue" worked with his crew on creating a highly acclaimed masterpiece that made "Iron Man" a truly big name in both the worlds of Superheroes & movies was released in 2008, it was possibly the movie that challenges the greatness of Batman on the big screen after "Chris Nolan" & his crew worked on the release of "Batman Begins" in the year 2005 & its hugely more successful sequel "The Dark Knight", that rose the value of comic book superhero movies levels higher than what Spider-Man did after what Superman's movie starring the late "Christopher Reeves" did

"Robert Downy jr" is the witty nice weapon industrialist you would love to be his friend cause he's fun and friendly, who decided to stop manufacturing weapon after seeing that his money & inventions kills his people possibly as much as it helps his country soldiers, and got captured by the enemies, he performed in a most admirable way, the movie made the scene better than it was in the comics, especially how he makes fun of his captors, and still makes a body armor instead of a weapon under the eye of their surveillance cameras, which can be known as P.I.S (Plot Induced Stupidity)

I guess money mongers turning to guardians of their towns make their creators richer money mongers if the characters are well written

Why have I said that this is possibly more successful than Nolan's Batman movie-wise? Check out youtube on both their movies and you'll find the No. of viewers reaching a very high number