Tuesday, 8 September 2009


"Moon Knight" is a vigilante I read about a few years back and he appeared to be really interesting because he works to redeem his past, and every story he guest starred in is fantastic.

[He is a man of several personalities, he was always such a person even in the old days of him being a mercenary and a treasure hunter. His later different personalities used different names:
*Billionaire "Steven Grant": A smart Wallstreet broker
*Marc Spector: his original name, his mercenary side
*Jake Lockley: A street smart cab driver]

The thing that pulled me the most to this panel is the fact that the writer's name is "Steven Grant"; one of M.K's persona's, the other thing is that he narrates the story in a way of speaking from "Steven Grant" persona of "Moon Knight"

This panel is from page 1 (a.k.a: splash page) from "Moon Knight" v1 #27