Monday, 2 February 2009


I was looking at my back issues of Spider-Man, red Spectacular Spider-Man 41 with the Looter which isn't really good, but other writings by the writer of that issue "Tom Defalco".

Amazing Spider-Man 252-282 have some of the best writings ever, all by the improved Tom Defalco, he made me enjoy reading Thunderstrike, I'm not a fan of Thunderstrike, not a hater of the character too. Enjoyed what I read of his series of Spider-Girl and I even give 4 out 5 for the two parts he wrote about a character I despise with all my heart of the worst story ever, his two parts of "Maximum Carnage".

A great writer is a writer who can make you love reading on characters you hate without complaining at all.

"Maximum Carnage" is co-written by two writers created some of my favorite stories:
1. Kraven Last Hunt
2. Spider-Man gets married (retconned? yes, but the marriage issue still happened despite the fact it's undone)
3. The Big Question
4. Without Great Powers
But the parts they wrote; I can't put different words in my speech besides I couldn't read after the first three pages of each part of "Maximum Carnage"

So a peace of advice, search for "Tom Defalco" scripting and read it