Saturday, 27 December 2008


It's delightful, one of my favorite blogs, it's wrong not to check it out:
A blog didicated to comics of the silver age (1955-1970, or so as the blog author considers the period). The author makes some fun trivias. Only the ones who don't enjoy comics won't enjoy this site


This issue is a real treat, worth every cent you might pay for it. Why? follow the letters.
*For starters: This cover is drawn by comicbook legend "jazzy John Romita" (for those who don't know it, John Romita sr is nicknamed jazzy, don't know what jr's nickname)
*The cover also shows that the inside heroes are two of the best of "Stan (the man) creation's"; "Johnny Storm/The 2nd Human Torch" (before the fantastic 4 an android "Human Torch" was created during the "Golden Age of Comics" by the predecessor of Marve named "Timely Comics"), Johnny is one of my all time favorite comicbook heroes. The other one is "Tony Stark/IronMan" who had his turn in the Cinema May 2008.
*Open the cover and check the credits, the writer is "Gerry Conway" (he offed "Gwen Stacy" with style and wrote the pilot episode of the 90s Spider-Man animated series "Night of the Lizard" which is considerably the best episode in the entire series). The artist is masterful "Jim Mooney", look at the art of Jim Mooney and you'll understand what I mean about him being masterful, his art is simply stunning.
Plot: "Tony Stark" needed the aid of the "Fantastic 4" to stop a villain causing electro-murders from causing further damage, Tony's Body Guard (he used this form to keep his identity secret) couldn't stop the villain of the issue on his own, but the only Fantastic person who is available for his aid is "The Human Torch". IronMan wasn't confident about Torch's ability (apperantly he didn't read Johnny's solo adventures :P) and the Torch felt uneasy about shellhead since his warm reception.
A classic issue, in comics I always find classics of the 80s and earlier to be better issues than nowdays, but 2days comics are much better than those of the period since 1991-1996. Too bad not all classics are good but at least over 95% is great for me in both Marvel & DC. 5/5