Monday, 29 September 2008

NWTD: My opinion and some people responses

It is not a secret, in CBR forums I wrote in "the best Spider-Man arc in the last 10 years" thread that each have a personal opinion about certain stories (that was a response to someone saying NWTD is good, but not great), I replied that to me: NWTD is more lovable than anything J.M.Dematties ever wrote even Kraven's Last Hunt, I had some funny responces:



*You are joking, yes?

*Are you Dan Slott?

I don't see anything surprising here, some people hate Spider-Man so what's so unbelievable about me thinking NWTD is better than K.L.H? I give K.L.H a high "A" mark, but NWTD an "A+".