Monday, 28 September 2009


We have this idiot in the powerfuly mega hit of the year 2008: THE DARK KNIGHT
Then we have this other idiot from the not as loved flick as its predecessors flick of 2007: SPIDER-MAN 3
What is similar between these two is:
*They both are main stars in their movies who start is normal people who deelope into villains
*They both appeared in villain incarnation for a short time in total in movies that each lasted for long over two hours
*Both of them are most iconic antagonists of their films protagonist
*Both of them die
So why is Two-Face loved and Venom is considered to be by so many the worst villain that appeared in a Spider-Man flick?
*"Edward Brock jr" (this is Eddie's full name in the Ultimate universe, numbered as "Earth 1610", and the name used in the movie) is a rival photographer who was a jerk since the start who cares for himself the most of all, then he got fired because "Peter Parker" put dirt in his eyes and then wanted vengeance until he bonded with the symbiote and remained Venom for a short while in the movie duration.
Like his original counterpart from "Earth 616", the natural series that introduces characters originally in Marvel Comics wanted revenge on Spider-Man because he made him lose his job exposing a wrongful story by Eddie, but ended bonding with the symbiote nd tormenting Spider-Man
*"District Attorney Harvey Dent" started as a hero who got brain-washed by the Joker after a trauma of losing his fiancee and half his body was burnt in the flesh, before dying he did pretty much what Venom did in Spider-Man movie but got glorified as a hero in the end unlike Venom.
Why is Harvey Two-Face loved and glorified in "Christopher Nolan" film and Venom got crucified by fans in the "Sam Raimi" film? Does this make any sense? It doesn't to me, so I'm open to hear your explanations even if I still don't like this happening.