Wednesday, 10 September 2008


[Dear designers of "Spider-Man 3"

I'm a big fan of Spider-Man, and of all the Spider-Man games published by Activision, but here is my problem: "I......HATE........YOOOOOUUUUU", literally. I love the game; but it has a major problem: It is too heavily annoying for the heavy requirement to press button sequence in boss fights, I don't need that, I despise that approach and for that I warn you from repeating the same mistake in "Web of Shadows" or I won't be getting anymore games of your design.

Sincerely yours
An angry fan]

Since I can't mail Treyarch themselves I posted a message for them here.
I highly doubt any of them will enter here to read it, it's just good to express your emotions, don't you agree?



Jonathan Couper

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The official website for Spider-Man comics, it deals with all sorts of comics Spider-Man showed in mainly published by Marvel. The focus on Spidey in other media there isn't strong but the site is good.

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