Sunday, 5 September 2010


Hey there true believers (I really need to quit quoting "Stan Lee")

I'm a comic reading nerd, I read so many comic
s, maybe a wee-bit too many, I also enjoy reading plenty of manga, playing video games, watching movies, etc,etc, same nerds stuff, it works fine for me, I can still arrange my affairs and not let my too many geeky activities interfere with the quality of activity in my life either social or to myself, though I discovered a good need to cut down my geeky/nerdy activity after checking a discussion about "How many times do you read comics?", some answered with "Only once", and I had to go in a :GASP: session, how can they do that? Of course they have too many comics they read, and so many things to do, after over a decade and a half of collecting comics they brief us on their experience of how life has things so stacked there is no room to reread back issues, and after prolonged thinking I figured I need to follow an advice of such a nice wise man

Of course the expression "Get a Life" can best be explained as "Don't let your interest(s) take over your life, balance between social stuff, work & fun", so don't misunderstand and think that reading comics is just a waste of time that causes serious troubles, it's a good hobby as many

I made a list of my top 50 characters over a year from the date of this post, 10 parts an entry with 5 characters in each entry, it went through some changes regarding the heroes I enjoy most, and who I think I should read about, but first check the important entries:

Part 1/10
Part 3/10
Part 4/10
Part 6/10

Some changes happened in the list, my top 5 heroes now, and the ones I care to collect about the most cause they are the most have comics of are (from the most favorite going downward):

1. Spider-Man: Was, and still is my favorite, not only as a superhero, but as fictional character, hopefully he will remain that way. This guy got me into the wonderful world of comics, he gave me a tempoarary fondness of spiders, I used to play with some spiders, that was until I developed quite the severe case of arachnophobia that lasted with me for years. This guy has one of the best names in comics, and a great costume that doesn't need a cape to look great, I always admired that about him, any reminder of him gives me a wide smile, and my fondness of him keeps growing, even after I feel him cheesy for a while, the only guy I almost have all of his published comics, his powers make great use in many video games, and looks great animated

2. Iron Man: Within time in the past two years and 3 months since his first movie was released, he jumped from a low mark of me not interested in him to my second favorite superhero, and as a fictional character, but I never liked the first movie that highly, still don't. I have a big collection of his comics

3. Superman: After a while, I began to feel he is my favorite DC Comics character, enjoying him more than I do Batman, the guys has the best comics I ever read, and has one of the greatest artists working on him for years, the magnificent "Curt Swan"

4. Batman: My top 3 movies of all time? Batman films. Greatest animated stuff? Batman. Comic books? Second best of all time (except the "Golden Age", some good and some boring). Video games? Have some real great stuff. Detective, I love detective stuff

5. DareDevil: Blind as a bat, his comics are great, and I have a great portion of his comics, they are great. And he's a ninja, I love ninja stuff

What made me make such a decision? I love rereading issues, I don't like to go sometime in the future collecting so many characters and barely have time to reread even an issue. I will keep my collection of other characters books, but I won't collect more of them, and besides, this way I will have more time for other things, for more important things

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