Monday, 4 May 2009


Most of the times you see people start from bottom to top in the top many lists, but this will be a pain for me so I'll start from top to bottom starting with my absolute favorite five:

1. SPIDER-MAN: He has the most amazing powers, he is fun to play with, his comebacks are funny and the more I read about him the more similarities between him and me I find. My brothers said I'm a lot like Spider-Man, and that annoyed me actually but they don't know how right they are. The image is from "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends" intro, my first introduction to Spider-Man and an awesome intro, awesome art based on that of the living legend "John Romita sr."
2. HULK: I dunno, he's awesome and his story is very great about a man with a curse being chased for being different, his supporting cast has my favorite member of a supporting cast "Rick Jones"; the guy kept working to make up for his mistake much like Spider-Man. This picture is from my introduction to Hulk through the Incredible 1982 animated series with fascinating art based on that of the legendary "John Buscema"

3. BATMAN: A man whom the death of his parents drove him to help others and avoids killing as much as possible, an amazing detictive and a role model to children losing their families, not this didn't completely happened to "Tim Drake", but his helping "Dick Grayson" and making him Robin made Tim a new super-hero and went straight instead of the possibility of working in a gang. My introduction to this guy isn't his amazing animated series of the 90s but it is fact the silver age comics

4. SUPERMAN: My favortie DC heroes I got introduced to them through translated comics to my language during my childhood, I love his powers, comics & tv shows

5. HYUUGA NEJI: My favorite manga/anime character, during his fights with Naruto & Hinata you see him a jerk until you hear his back story and sympathy him, but still a jerk for taking his grief on poor hinata until Naruto changes his mind. Unlike "Uchiha Sasuke"; this guy never turned his cheek on his team-mates or his fellow Konoha ninja's, he's always the friend you need and the first of Konoha's talented Genin's to become a Jonin

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