Tuesday, 12 May 2009


16. DAREDEVIL: The best lawyer in the world (I don't like lawyers, but I say this only because I am a DareDevil fan). His powers are great for a blind man (I will only want his abilities if I was blind, right now I'd prefer to be like Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine or Superman). With his disability he can defeat guys like "The Masked Marauder" with much more ease than any other person can either super-powered or not.

17. GREEN LANTERN (ANYONE OF THEM): The ring is not to be hated, the only flaw it has is that it does not affect yellow objects due to the impurity of the ring making materials. My personal favorite one is Hal because he has two brothers and one of them had his girlfriend suspecting him to be "Green Lantern" for real back in the late 50s in the "Silver Age of Comics".

18. FLASH/BARRY ALLEN: "The Fastest Man on Earth" is back alive, I always preferred him to "Wally West" and I still do. Barry is the star of a TV series but he has the habit of Wally to eat too much rubbed on him in that series, Barry conserves food money because he doesn't need to eat much.

19. TASKMASTER: I think for creating the sharingan the creator of Naruto was inspired by this one. Taskmaster has the ability to perform any ability he sees performed in front of his eyes either in reality or on TV, but to copy the abilities of someone with super-powers he needs special tech's & gadgets.


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