Monday, 12 November 2012


Is Batman a realistic character? I keep seeing online by so many people how realistic Batman is, look at the most repeated line people say:
"Batman is so real, he has no powers, that's why he's my favorite superhero"
Having no super powers makes him real in the eyes of some, the bigger problem is when it's followed by this line: "Batman is so smart and so rich and so powerful, he can take anyone with enough prep-time and good items"

Ok, rule 1 about realism is; "People have limits", one of the things Batman seem to lack is a limit
Guy barely sleeps
Trained on so many fighting techniques, way too many
Knows too much
Skilled athlete in so many sports; archery, sprinting, swimming, diving for long and not drowning, etc
And when he uses his grappling hook, he can use it to climb 15 stories up pretty fast, probably much faster than elevators, holding his rope with one hand and setting stuff with another. Any stress to his arm? Barely, if any
If you know Batman well enough, you can see several out there similarities between him and Jigsaw (the first villain in SAW film franchise)

And here's another thing; if he's so realistic, he can't take down anyone with enough prep time, not someone like Superman or the Flash, it's stupid to think he can take someone with such high speed. Maybe he can take the Flash down, but not Superman, a guy so super he's faster than a speeding bullet, and so strong he can stop a speeding train

If you watched Justice League: Doom (animated DC feature film), Bruce Wayne escapes from his grave using a key and his bleeding fist, no one can do that, and it will be pretty rare to see someone accomplishing such an amazing feat

Here, check this image, it explains how real this superhero is, with all clarity, using less words than I used

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